Tarot Trunk
Tarot Trunk
Tarot Trunk
Tarot Trunk
Tarot Trunk

Tarot Trunk

Ready for a reading? This new set features our hand-illustrated 78-card Tarot Deck, a sensual celebration of The Maker’s aesthetic in partnership with Ukrainian artist Daria Ermolova. Based in their shared hometown of Dnipro, she worked with our co-founder Alina Roytberg to create the custom artwork featured on every card. If you look closely, you will notice The Maker elements, such as our signature patterns, ribbed glassware and symbols.

Tarot, a centuries-old reading tool, promotes insight and self-reflection using symbolic archetypes to gain clarity through card readings, often held at The Maker Hotel, where inhibitions melt away. Each card is interpreted through a modern lens and holds the key to the future.

We paired The Maker Tarot deck with our new mini trunk for the ultimate gift that you never knew you needed.
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What We Love About It
The perfect gift for the person who has everything! Not only is this unique set a beautiful item on its own, the Tarot deck will also unlock memorable experiences filled with wonder.
The Trunk
Made by an authentic company of generational trunk makers, this keepsake item seamlessly blends in as home décor.
About The Maker

Our fragrances are inspired by travel fantasies we’ve lived or long for at The Maker Hotel, where inhibitions melt away. Layers of rich, sultry notes capture our bohemian sensibility for undeniably sensual scents.

Clean and responsibly made. Gender inclusive.

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