The Maker Tea Set


The Maker Tea Pot is an authentic Japanese cast iron tea kettle “tetsubin” carefully crafted in the Tohoku region using ancient techniques. It includes a removable stainless steel mesh infuser and is offered with a coordinating hobnail cast-iron trivet. Exclusive Maker color in “7-jewels” pattern.

Traditional cast iron teapots heat tea evenly, allowing the flavors to develop throughout the entire pot, and keep tea hot the longest so you can enjoy your brew without having to reheat. The process of brewing tea is meditative, soothing, and peaceful. A cast iron tea kettle is one of the purest ways to brew tea.

IWACHU, located in Northern Japan, is the largest producer of cast iron teapots and kitchenware for more than 100 years. They combine traditional skills and modern technology to produce products of superior quality and lasting durability. IWACHU is regarded as the world's leading manufacturer of authentic Japanese tetsubins.

Cast iron with enamel coated interior to prevent rust and removable stainless steel mesh infuser.

Heat water in pan on a stove top. Add tea leaves to mesh infuser and pour warm water into tetsubin and steep. After each use let the tetsubin cool, then rinse and wash it with warm water. Do not use soap or other cleansers, it can damage the enamel and iron. Once the tetsubin pot is clean, dry with a soft towel then invert to air dry. Do not use Japanese tetsubin direct on a stovetop.

Teapot: 22oz capacity
Trivet: 5.5" diameter

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