Make Life Sensual
Fragrances inspired by travel fantasies
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Scents of Mother Nature

Make it Wild
Wild Eau de Parfum
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Garden Embrace
The Gardener Candle
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Most Loved

Scent Experience

Set your Aura
Select a trunk with a perfume and candle of your choice
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Ultimate Bespoke Gift
Luxe made-to-order candle trunk featuring four candles of choice
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Bohemian Sensibility

Sleep on a Cloud
Experience the best sleep of your life with our signature cloud bedding
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A Touch of Velvet
Elevate any space, from a favorite couch or as an accent on the bed
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Transform Your Space

Meet The Maker
We fuse a bohemian sensibility with sustainable practices to create a complete, transportive experience. The scents and spaces awaken the senses, inspiring you to become the ultimate maker of your sensuality.
Sustainably Chic
We are committed to providing luxurious spaces and products at a cost to us and not the environment. In today’s world it’s imperative to be environmentally responsible. Learn more

"...a showcase of meticulous craftsmanship..."


"The whole of The Maker... is a tribute to
beautiful things and how they are made."

Travel + Leisure

"This new fragrance brand is inspired by
the love language of a great hotel stay."


"You don’t just stay at the hotel,
you take the hotel home with you."

Condé Nast Traveler

"The old adage says you can’t take it with you, but you can at The Maker."

Hudson Valley Magazine