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Cloud Bed Pillow


Carefully curated for all our guest rooms, this heavenly soft down pillow with 2-inch gusset provides just the right amount of firmness to support the head and neck throughout your sleep. The Siberian white goose down filling creates a dream-like cushion with an extra fluffy profile.This item is non-refundable.

As our founder Lev Glazman always says, the guest experience begins and ends with the bed. He curated The Maker bedding to feel like a cloud, and the goose down pillows are a central element.
The Cloud Bed Pillow by DownTown Company is the ultimate in down bedding. It is made with the finest down from the belly of mature white geese raised in the cold Siberian and Hungarian climates. Known for their resilient down, these older birds produce larger stronger down clusters to provide superior insulating properties. The down is washed three times to thoroughly remove dust and debris that may cause allergic reactions. The pillows are filled and exported from Hungary.
Fill: large cluster Siberian white goose down
Cover: 100% Egyptian cotton cover
Dry cleaning recommended
Made in Hungary
Queen: 20”h x 30”w
King: 20”h x 36”w

DownTown Company

For over 30 years, DownTown Company has been offering high quality affordable luxury bedding, working with the best textile craftsman and utilizing the finest materials around the globe. DownTown Company is renowned as the premier purveyors of heirloom-quality down.  

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