Bartlett House

Bartlett House Valley Orchard Trio


Bartlett House artisanal jams are reimagined classic flavors with a twist. They are handmade in the Hudson Valley with organic fruit and berries. This trio is the perfect gift for everyone on your list. This item is non-refundable

Blueberry Rose
This jam elevates traditional blueberry jam by soaking wild blueberries in exquisite Rose Water then adding a touch of lemon. (blueberries, sugar, lemon juice, pectin, rose water)

Cherry Apricot
A universal crowd-pleaser, chunky tart cherries and sweet apricots with a hint of tangy cassis, pairs well with almost anything. (sour cherries, apricots, sugar, creme de cassis)

Strawberry Marigold
A unique take on classic strawberry jam- juicy strawberries infused with Marigold petals and green pepper make this jam our pantry staple. (strawberries, sugar, marigolds, peppers, pectin)
When the Bartlett House team set out to make jams, they focused on the quality and quantity of the fruit to deliver unique flavor and textures. That’s why each jam has the lowest amount of sugar and natural thickening agents possible.
Bartlett House was created by Fresh Beauty and The Maker founders, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg. Together with their jam-making team, they draw upon their expertise in fragrance development to create delicious and unique edible flavors. Each jar is tied with a string and hand-stamped with a customized wax seal.
3 x 6.3 oz (190g)

Bartlett House

Located in a historic building on Route 66 in Ghent, NY, Bartlett House is a kitchen, bakery and café that has become a coveted destination in the Hudson Valley. The team at Bartlett House works closely with local farms and purveyors to source ingredients for fresh, delicious dishes. The state-of-the-art-bakery makes superb breads, croissants, and muffins that are offered at The Maker Café.  

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