Bartlett House Sweet & Savory Trio
Bartlett House Sweet & Savory Trio
Bartlett House Sweet & Savory Trio
Bartlett House Sweet & Savory Trio

Bartlett House Sweet & Savory Trio

Bartlett House artisanal jams are reimagined classic flavors with a twist. They are handmade in the Hudson Valley with organic fruit and berries. This trio is the perfect gift for everyone on your list.
A delicious love letter to our favorite red berries. Sweet strawberries, rich raspberries, tart red currants & cranberries mingle to create a rich texture and succulent flavor.
Beet Blackberry
Incredibly bold and effortlessly pleasing, this unique jam combines the vivid sweetness of red beets with the bold flavor of blackberries with lingering notes of zesty lime.
Carrot Orange Blossom
Unapologetically bright and sunny, gushing with brilliant savory flavor. Orange Blossom guides the elegance of this jam while roasted carrots add a fresh and herbaceous texture throughout.
Size: 3 x 6.3 oz (190g)
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What We Love About It
When the Bartlett House team set out to make jams, they focused on the quality and quantity of the fruit to deliver unique flavor and textures. That’s why each jam has the lowest amount of sugar and natural thickening agents possible.

4Reds: raspberries, strawberries, red currants, cranberries, sugar, lemon juice, pectin
Beet Blackberry: blackberries, sugar, beets, lime juice, pectin
Carrot Orange Blossom: carrots, cider vinegar, sugar, water, oranges, lemons, lemon juice, orange blossom water, pectin, pink peppercorn, cardamon, saffron

About The Maker

Bartlett House is a destination bakery, café, and restaurant in Ghent, NY revived by co-founders of The Maker, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg. Together with their jam-making team, they draw upon their expertise in fragrance development to create delicious and unique edible flavors.

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