The Maker Matchbox
The Maker Matchbox
The Maker Matchbox

The Maker Matchbox

We love the moment when sparks fly.
Set the scene with our signature matchbox, the perfect complement to any candle.
Our luxuriously oversized wooden matches are extra-long for added ease and elegance.
Includes 60 matches featuring Maker Green tips.
Regular price$10
Product Details
Directions for Use
Close the box before striking a match along the strike pad. Always strike the match away from the body and flammable items.

The Vessel
Our Maker Matchbox features our signature wallpaper pattern.

About The Maker

The Maker is a lifestyle fragrance brand that started as a hotel. The Maker fuses a bohemian sensibility with sustainable practices to create a complete, transportive experience. The scents and spaces awaken the senses, inspiring you to become the ultimate maker of your sensuality.

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