Sample Service Trio

Sample Service Trio

Experience The Maker Eau de Parfum collection with three 2ml samples of your choice: Wild, Stag, Paradiso, Naked, Libertine, Fire
The price includes shipping and handling fees. Once your Sample Service Trio purchase is complete, you will receive a unique voucher code of $20 via email to be used exclusively on or at The Maker Hotel Shop in New York City. The voucher code is valid for 60 days from purchase date.
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Wild, Stag, Paradiso, Naked, Libertine, Fire

How To Use
Remove the cap and gently dab the fragrance wherever you desire. For pairing multiple scents, we recommend applying one to each wrist and let the fragrances create a beautiful aura.

The Fragrance Vials
The Sample Service contains a 2ml dabber vial of each selected fragrance, perfect for sampling the collection or bringing on your travels.

About The Maker

Our fragrances are inspired by travel fantasies we’ve lived or long for at The Maker Hotel, where inhibitions melt away. Layers of rich, sultry notes capture our bohemian sensibility for undeniably sensual scents.

Clean and responsibly made. Gender inclusive.

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