The Maker Fragrance Collection is a gender-neutral offering of six inclusive fragrances and three distinct candles inspired by the bespoke hotel and travel fantasies we’ve lived or long for. The Maker scents are reminiscent of these magical moments filled with sensory deja vu.


The true maker behind these fragrances is you, dear wearer. Whether you’ve lived the story of one of our scents or fantasize to, let the notes guide you on your sensory journey. Choose your adventure. Make your memory. 


We’ve always sought to bring unique, meaningful — and simply beautiful — experiences to life and this philosophy led us to open the doors to The Maker Hotel. As beauty veterans who transcended to hospitality, we’ve bottled these travel fantasies, real and imagined, for you to experience at your leisure. 

“Enhancing your memories with scent, keeps the moment alive — forever. I created these fragrances to bring the unique magic of The Maker to you. Whether you’re a born traveler or a dreamer, think of them as the gateway to your emotional journey.” Lev Glazman 

“The bohemian sensibility of The Maker runs through every detail of the storytelling in our spaces. We want to stimulate the senses by playing on color and texture— I used this same approach when I created the design of the packaging of The Maker Fragrances.” Alina Roytberg 


Our formulas are vegan, cruelty-free, and made without phthalates, parabens, formaldehydes and synthetic dyes. Candles are made with pure-soy wax 

Inspired by an antique ink flask, we partnered with a German glassmaking team to create a custom bottle rooted in three eco-responsible methods: including utilizing less glass, utilizing 20% PCR (post-consumer-recycled) glass, and relying on completely C02-free production methods. Our 50ml eau de parfum bottle is made with 27% less glass than traditional prestige bottles and the screw on pump can be removed to upcycle as a simple bud vase.  The candle glass is made from recycled glass, and we recommend upcycling with tea-lights of your own or as an abundant bud-vase. 

Metal Caps 
The caps are made from Zamak, an environmentally friendly material. Zamak die-casting process disperses negligible emission levels in the air and water. Production waste is recyclable and the energy consumption is very low. 

Our printed boxes and board are FSC – certified (Forest Stewardship Council) utilizing vegetable-based dies.