Private 02 04

Butter Cashmere Throw in Heather Gray

Color: Heather Gray

This heavenly melt in your hands blanket is made with the coziest cashmere we’ve ever come across. Not only is each throw one of a kind, but they are subtly scented with a fresh natural fragrance that evokes comfort. This ultimate blanket is handmade in Italy on vintage looms with pure “slow cashmere”. Sold exclusively online by The Maker.

This sublime throw is the ideal cozy accent on top of the bed, lounging on a couch, or across your shoulders. Trust us, once you touch (and smell) it you’ll never want to let it go.
Handmade by Prïvate 02 04, each throw is available in limited quantities. The “slow cashmere” process begins at the base of the Alps in Northern Italy. After sourcing pure cashmere from local family mills who’ve worked with natural yarn for centuries, the fibers are woven on rare mid-century looms. Master makers wash the fibers repeatedly to achieve the softest texture, and then stitch, fray, and complete each blanket entirely by hand.

100% Cashmere
Hand wash in lukewarm water
Made in Italy

90” x 60”

Prïvate 02 04

Private 02 04 is a design studio specializing in unique textiles and vintage rugs made from natural materials such as cashmere, cotton, and hemp. All their products are individually tended to, from their cashmere collection, to their collection of washed handspun rugs. 

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