"Vintage Lace" Cocktail Glass (set of 6)


Capturing the sophistication of the classic cocktail era, these vintage laced etched glasses are perfect for serving your favorite creative libation. They are stylish, elegant and dishwater safe.

Our guests swoon over these enchanting glasses- especially when served with The Secret Garden, our signature cocktail.
From classic cocktail to rare vintage glasses, Steelite’s extensive portfolio of glassware not only highlights what’s being served but also complements it with graceful artistic detail. Made to last, each glass in the collection beautifully withstands service over time.
Made in Czech Republic
5.5 fl oz / 5.875"h x 2.75"d

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Steelite International, based in the UK, is the leading maker and distributor of high-quality glassware and serve ware, working with materials such as metal, glass, wood, and more.  They are committed to sustainable practices and were awarded the 2019 Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice as a member of the Green Organization. 

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